At Economove we understand the importance of having a removal company that you can trust to take the maximum care of your personal belongings. Moving house can be a stressful time but we are dedicated to taking any pressure out of your move.



In preparation for your move we would have a surveyor visit your home to survey the contents and assess your individual needs. From here we will provide you with a written quote showing a breakdown of your removal costs which will be accompanied by a copy of our terms and conditions.

Should you decide to use our services, we will send you a confirmation letter and will get your packing materials delivered at the earliest convenient time to allow you to start the process of packing your possessions.

On the day of your removal we will arrive at your property and the removal team will introduce themselves and then carry out a tour of the property with yourself to allow them to see exactly what is included in the removal and from here they are able to plan in which order they will load the vehicle to ensure a safe and secure load. A walk round will be requested when the van is loaded to ensure that every item has been taken into the vehicle.

At your new property the team will again request a tour of the property to identify the layout of the house and see exactly where you require your belongings to be located, and the move will not be considered complete until you are satisfied that everything is in place as you want it.

We look forward to fulfilling all of the requirements of your move.